Locating the heart of authentic leadership

Where does leadership start?….Maybe you know how leadership is performed. Or what it looks like if someone is a ‘good’ leader. And, you have probably also understood that leading employees, teams, or a company, starts with leading yourself. But where is that inner place from which self-leadership begins? And how can you establish a strong grounding of your authentic leadership?

This is even more important as we face an unsecure and transformational environment. That we live in an uncertain time is not new. And for some, it is even boring. However, there is a new impact from the fact that, recently, many more people are experiencing a lack of clarity about what will happen tomorrow. Our clients, customers, employees and colleagues are confronting us with their feelings of insecurity. And leadership has to deal with it.

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In a short free online session, I want to explore in an embodied and practical way using techniques of mindfulness which place can we lead from – so that insecurity is met in an adequate way. What would be an individual authentic expression of my inner core? And, how can I establish a clear and safe and, therefore, strong place to lead from within myself? Together, with you, I will develop a small, powerful tool which can be a first step to give your leadership a profound grounding. Please join me on November 27th at 4pm CET. It’s free, just register to receive the link.


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